Please replace Rothschild with Cone

I get that Chapman has a dynamite Slider, made even better because you have to sit on his fastball, but I'm sorry, when you throw 100+ MPH your fastball is your best pitch, period.

Unfortunately we have a pitching coach who thinks 'fastball' is a four letter word and it looks like he's gotten into Chapman's head with that philosophy too.

I just re-watched that entire AB with Travis d'Arnaud, the one that is keeping me up all night, and Chapman threw about four fastballs in that AB. The first one was right down the middle, 101 MPH, and TD swung right thru it. I also saw TD's stats verses Chapman and he was 0 for 5 with 2K's, and I'll bet my first born Chapman mostly dominated him with 100+ MPH fastballs.

I could tell because even the fastballs TD got wood on in that AB, all about the same 101 MPH, he got the bat around on none of them. All of them were fouled the other way and he was way late. Weren't just fouled the other way, but it looked like TD no chance.

In other words he looked totally overmatched by Chapman's fastball, which explains the 0 for 5 with 2 K's, but for some inexplicable reason (see the ultimate hater of fastballs, Larry Rothschild) Chapman threw TD a cookie Slider at 3-2, sped up his bat, and just like that the ball was in the seats.

I've been saying it for quite some time and I'll say it again. Every time I hear David Cone talk about pitching it feels like I'm getting a clinic on the art of pitching.

If it was me I would fire Rothschild and hire Cone, TODAY, especially after that debacle.

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