Player to trade while he still has value

Clint Frazier

He's not a Yankee. IMO he's more like the antiYankee. He has to be pushed and prodded to get a real haircut. He thinks he's entitled to play in the big leagues and sulks if he's sent down, never mind that he routinely misjudges fly-balls and line-drives. Doesn't matter. He hit well so he belongs here, period, and if you send him down again he's taking all 72 hours to get there. Lastly, to hear him talk about himself you would think he is Ted Williams. Nobody has a higher opinion of themselves, not even Aaron Judge who deserves it. That's why he barely notices it's a numbers game or doesn't care. If you can only carry 25, send someone else down, but how dare you treat me like I'm not special?

In every conceivable way he's just not a Yankee. IMO he belongs on the west coast where they tolerate and even celebrate narcissism. Send him to the Giants for MadBum. They need outfielders and MadBum is still good, but no longer dominant. I think they'll make that trade. Just take a look at their OF depth chart. It's probably the worst in baseball.

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