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MLB Draft 2019: How do you feel about the Yankees’ selections?

How did the Yankees do in acquiring new baseball children?

MLB First Year Player Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The long three days that is the MLB Draft has come and gone for another year. There are now 41 possible new Yankees to be signed in the next couple weeks.

History tells us that at least one of these players will make the majors. The only three draft classes where the Yankees haven’t had someone make it are 2016, 2017, and 2018 all of which still have plenty of time.

It’s far too early to know who all will sign, or determine which players will make it to the big leagues. That’s not going to stop us from making judgments about how the Yankees did!

Things kicked off Monday night, when the Yankees selected New Jersey high school shortstop Anthony Volpe in the first round, at 30th overall. Later on that night, they added University of Missouri pitcher T.J. Sikkema and LSU infielder Josh Smith. In total, the Yankees picked 25 pitchers and 16 position players.

Going strictly off the player rankings, the Yankees seemingly took Volpe earlier than he was expected to go. By all accounts, the Yankees seemed to fall in love with his work ethic and makeup in addition to his game.

The second and third picks, Sikkema and Smith, both are seemingly high floor players. Those two are arguably the best bets to make the majors someday, not that they are a guarantee, however...

The highest ranked player selected by the Yankees, at least according to, was actually Volpe’s high school teammate Jack Leiter. The son of the Yankee player and broadcaster Al dropped to the 20th round, likely for the same reason the Yankees won’t sign him. The high school pitcher will likely attend Vanderbilt and not enter the professional ranks at this time. Still, might as well give it a shot with a later round pick.

With all that in mind, now we turn it to you. What do you think of how the Yankees did in the draft? Vote in our poll below and let us know your opinion!


What do you think of the Yankees’ selections in the 2019 draft?

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