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Bob Klapisch joins the Bomber Brothers to discuss ‘Inside the Empire’

A new episode brings a new guest, and Klapisch joins the show to discuss his bestselling book.

Wild Card Game - Oakland Athletics v New York Yankees Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images

In the latest episode of the Bomber Brothers podcast, New York Times and Bleacher Report writer Bob Klapisch joined the show to talk about what into his bestselling book Inside the Empire, which he co-authored alongside Paul Solotaroff.

Klapisch dives into a number of topics that he covered in the book, including the Yankees’ vast player development operation, specifically their tactics when it comes to preparing international talent for life in professional baseball and in a new country. Klapisch reveals some of the vivid details written in the book that go into the organization’s efforts to make life as easy as possible for their international talent, from like skills classes to even watching episodes of Friends to learn English.

Klapisch also discusses the clubhouse’s universal approval of Aaron Boone, and his uncanny way of connecting with every player and maintaining a sense of calm around the team, even amidst the latest drama surrounding Clint Frazier’s defensive woes, and the postgame comments (or lack thereof) that followed.

We also discussed with Klapisch the innovative mind in Brian Cashman, and how he has managed to keep his job in a market that churns out new faces regularly, especially within a franchise that was run by George Steinbrenner for a good portion of Cashman’s tenure. For all of this and much more about the book and the Yankees’ incredible operation of player development, check out the full interview via the link below!