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Yankees organist Paul Cartier talks carpooling with Bob Sheppard

This episode features a few cool stories from Paul Cartier, Giancarlo Stanton’s newest injury, beefing with Statcast, and theories about the hawk flying around Yankee Stadium 

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees

Another week, another list of Yankees things to squabble about. This time, there’s an organist involved. On the seventh episode of Monument Talk, Kenny and Matt chat about the hawk that’s been flying around Yankee Stadium (3:09), Giancarlo Stanton’s newest injury (5:46), the looming return of early ace Domingo German (9:28), and the Yankees heading to London to dump all their tea into the River Thames (11:04). Kenny then sits down with Yankee organist, Paul Cartier, to discuss carpooling with Bob Sheppard and why steak and potatoes is the best type of fruit (15:56).

We then head to the weekly categories, starting with whether Matt would rather trade Aaron Judge or wear a Kid Rock long-sleeve tee-shirt everywhere he goes for five years (38:03), a beef with Statcast’s misleading numbers (41:38), Matt’s big story about John Brenkus from ESPN’s Sport Science (46:03), the coveted Big Bastad Award (47:48), the quote of the week (50:39), and the loser and winner of the week (54:58).

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