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Ask Pinstripe Alley: Yankees mailbag questions request

Send in your questions for this week’s mailbag!

Ask Pinstripe Alley

The Yankees had a pretty great week, didn’t they? Since last Monday, the team completed an eight-game winning streak, broke the franchise’s record for consecutive games with a home run, and played all around great baseball. Hard to complain about those results, right?

It’s a new week, though, and that means it’s time to take another round of questions and answers. You may want to ask about the returns of Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge. Perhaps you have questions about the division race or the All-Star Game. Maybe the trade deadline’s on your mind! Any and all Yankees questions are welcome.

Mailbag answers run on Friday morning. All submissions received by the night of Thursday, June 27 will be eligible. You can leave questions in the comment section below or e-mail them to pinstripealleyblog [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks all!