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Yankees Trade Deadline 2019: Potential trade pieces

What players might be worth dealing at the deadline?

MLB: New York Yankees at Cleveland Indians Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With a number of stars absent in the first half, Brian Cashman has seen players from the Yankees’ farm system perform beyond expectations at the major-league level. In addition to the homegrown contributors, the club received boosts from rag-tag additions made before and during the season.

A quick scan the Yankees’ 40-man roster reveals that the Yankees have an excess of position players in both the outfield and in the infield. Luckily, almost every player has made positive contributions to the team this year, which only boosts their trade value.

As far as outfielders go, Clint Frazier has performed exceptionally on the offensive side of the ball this year, and Cameron Maybin has proved he still has what it takes to make a difference on a major-league squad. With Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton both coming back, it will only become harder to find those extra players spots on the 25-man roster.

When it comes to the infield, it gets a little more difficult. Cashman has filled the diamond with premier level talent from corner to corner. Now that Didi Gregorius is back, the Yankees have a good problem. Players like Gio Urshela, DJ LeMahieu, Gleyber Torres and Luke Voit are forcing Cashman’s hand with fantastic offensive production and great defense, making a decision to sit any of them a debatable one.

With the way the infield was constituted before Gregorius’ return, his presence in the lineup now complicates the DH position as there are now five infielders and only four spots. With the DH position normally being used by Giancarlo Stanton or Gary Sanchez, one of those two— or one of the five infielders—will have to sit the bench on any given day.

With this surplus of talent, the Yankees can afford to use some of it to address other areas. The most valuable piece is most likely Frazier, who has proven to be a great player, even with some defensive struggles. As mentioned previously, Maybin represents another player the Yankees won’t need down the stretch.

On top of them, you have players like Tyler Wade, Thairo Estrada, Mike Ford and dare I say Urshela who could potentially get dealt. Yankees fans will most likely scoff at the idea of getting rid of him, as he has come through in several big-time scenarios. However, when reviewing the rest of the roster, Urshela represents the weakest link. The Yankees could deal him for a pitcher down the stretch and still have a tremendous infield with a clearer DH situation.

In terms of pitching, Jonathan Loaisiga makes for a movable piece, as do guys like Joseph Harvey and Stephen Tarpley. Top prospects Albert Abreau and Deivi Garcia could act as more blue chip players. It may hurt that the Yankees missed out on getting Dallas Keuchel for just money, but there are still plenty of targets out there for Cashman and his team.

These are just a few of the players the Yankees can cash in on to perfect the 2019 roster. The big guns are coming back, but this team might still be far from making a deep run at a title unless a move is made before the deadline. We’ll find out by July 31 if any of these names get moved.