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Fan confidence remains high for the Yankees

The Yankees just keep winning series.

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League Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Five Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

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With a victory over the Padres on Wednesday afternoon, the Yankees notched their eight consecutive series win. When a team piles up wins on top of wins, one can expect fans to walk away satisfied. That holds true for the Bombers, who enjoy a 91% confidence rating from our FanPulse respondents. This is the third consecutive week with scores in the 90s, making for a new record on the season.

Additionally, Aaron Boone received an 83% approval rating this week. This represents his second highest score of the season, only trailing the preseason poll mark of 84%. Some fans will never be happy with Boone regardless of his performance or the team’s success, so I wonder if this makes for a plateau.

Elsewhere around the league, fans believe international amateurs should be included in the MLB Draft.

While it may streamline the process, this effectively creates a new way for ownership to curtail costs. There are a number of ramifications that extend far beyond the convenience of a single draft.

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