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Would you trade Aaron Judge for a Nickelback song: A debate

Chatting Dallas Keuchel’s landing spots, baseball’s bad boy, Derek Dietrich, Clint Frazier’s suspect defense, and the lasting power of Nickelback’s Rockstar

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Just because the Yankees aren’t playing the Reds, doesn’t mean we can’t talk about Cincinnati’s second baseman and baseball’s ultimate villain, Derek Dietrich. In the fourth installment of Monument Talk, the Kenny and Matt cover a wide range of topics including: how overrated Bull Durham is (0:50), people who don’t want Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, or Didi Gregorius to come back and ruin the Yankee “mojo” (5:30), a Nickelback would you rather (9:52), Dallas Keuchel’s landing spots (12:51), the Yankee Jumbotron Subway Race (15:17), and all the darkness that lies within Dietrich (17:45).

We then turn it over to Matt’s Hot Corner® to grumble about people wearing jerseys to games where that team isn’t playing (21:06), and then the awards of the week highlighted by the Big Bastad Award (26:02), the best David Cone quotes (29:49), Clint Frazier’s defense (32:08), and the coveted Shirsey of the Week (41:49).

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