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Yankees Highlights: Chance Adams carries Bombers to doubleheader sweep

The Yankees just won their seventh game in a row!

MLB: Game Two-New York Yankees at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in a little over a week, the Yankees swept a doubleheader. The team has now won seven games in a row! The Bombers are on a wild run, and while Saturday night’s game wasn’t pretty, it still counts as a win.

We’ll have a full recap up tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here are some the highlights.

Winner of the Game

In a game that saw the Yankees plate six runs, it would be easy to choose a batter for tonight’s winner. Instead, I’m going with Chance Adams. The right-hander’s line doesn’t look spectacular, having allowed three runs over four innings, but he pitched better than that. Some poor outfield defense and a couple of tough-luck hits resulted in the runs charged against Adams. The 24-year-old came up for the doubleheader, soaked up some important innings, and passed the baton to the shutdown portions of the bullpen. He did everything asked of him and deserves the credit.

Honorable Mentions: Cameron Maybin, Austin Romine

Loser of the Game

Earlier today we ran a story about the Yankees’ outfield defense having an on-the-low successful season. So naturally tonight Brett Gardner and Clint Frazier couldn’t get out of their own ways. Frazier ran circuitous routes in right field, coming up short on a dive and losing a ball in the corner. Gardner had a ball clang off his glove and then lost one in the lights. The Yankees went on to win, so no real harm done. It had to be a frustrating night, however, for those two.

Honorable Mention: Aroldis Chapman


Credit: FanGraphs