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The Baltimore kings, wedding rings, and broken things

Giancarlo is hurt (again), a debate on whether players should wear wedding rings, and thoughts and prayers to Baltimore and Gary Thorne.

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

On this episode of Monument Talk, Kenny and Matt take on a new swarm of injuries overshadowed by the domination in Baltimore.

The podcast kicks off by correcting a mistake from last week after finding out that there actually is a weather man in the Perfect Storm and it’s a familiar face (1:38). Then, they cover the injuries of Giancarlo Stanton and CC Sabathia (2:40), a Jacoby Ellsbury curse conspiracy (10:26), and the realization that Matt hates marriage and love (12:31). Finally, they move onto the awards of the week, starting with the Big Bastad (15:23), a tribute to Gary Thorne (22:38), and of course the Shirsey of the Week (35:56).

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