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Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne left speechless by Gleyber Torres’ home runs

Thorne’s reactions are priceless.

MLB: Baseball Hall of Fame-Induction Ceremony Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into Wednesday night’s game, Gleyber Torres already compiled an impressive batting line against the 2019 Orioles. The 22-year-old owned a .474/.545/1.184 triple-slash with eight home runs across 10 games. Baltimore admittedly has a weak pitching staff, but that is pretty ridiculous. Those are video game numbers.

As I write this, however, Torres has padded his line by launching two more homers against the O’s. The home runs helped give the Yankees the lead, but more significantly, they appear to have broken Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne.

Consider his call for Torres’ first shot of the night, a solo homer that traveled 424 feet.

It somehow gets even better in the fifth inning, when Torres hit another solo shot, this one traveling 377 feet to right field.

The repeated “I don’t know” exclamations may be the most memorable part of the calls, but I love the audible “gaaahhhh” for home run number two. I suspect if Torres hits another long ball Thorne will just take his headset off and abandon the broadcast.

There’s only one way to find out...