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Release the Kraken with a new Gary Sanchez t-shirt

Gary is back to being a force at the plate. Celebrate accordingly.

Despite all of the injuries, the Yankees have had a number of bright spots in 2019. Domingo German’s breakout and the emergence of Gio Urshela come to mind. Cameron Maybin and the rest of the replacement crew have been a joy to watch. The best, however, might be Gary Sanchez’s return to form.

Heading into Friday night’s game, the Yankees catcher has hit .263/.346/.663 with 12 home runs. Many of those have been absolute bombs, too. It seems like Sanchez never hits a cheap home run. They go for miles.

To celebrate his performance, BreakingT has launched a Release the Kraken t-shirt.

As always, BreakingT shirts are comfortable, MLBPA approved, and made in America. You can grab yours by clicking here. Order one today to show you have the Kraken on your side.