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David Cone talks perfect game, Joe Torre, pitching data and more

The former fan-favorite stopped by with Jack Curry to discuss their new book ‘Full Count’ and share insight on some of the most memorable moments of Cone’s career.

David Cone

The Bomber Brothers podcast had an exciting pair of guests on this week’s episode, as David Cone and Jack Curry joined the show to discuss their new book Full Count: The Education of a Pitcher, which delves into the life and pitching mindset of the great Cone.

Cone shared a number of entertaining stories, including his unforgettable perfect game, where he admits that the ball hit by Jose Vidro to Chuck Knoblauch is when he thought his run at perfection had come to an end. He also detailed the epic mound visit with him and Joe Torre in the sixth inning of Game Three of the 1996 World Series. Cone reveals that while he said after the game ended that he was telling Torre whatever it took to stay in the game, he truly felt he had enough gas left in the tank to retire Fred McGriff and get out of trouble.

In other entertaining tales, Cone recalled his nights of partying with David Wells on road trips during the 1998 season, when the two pitchers shared a hotel room and invited some pretty prominent guests over to their humble abode.

To find out who the two celebrated with, and many other stories about Cone’s life and career, including the birth of his deep interest in sabermetrics and advanced data in baseball, check out the full podcast via the link below!