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Yankees Highlights: Sixth inning sinks New York in entirely forgettable loss

This wasn’t one for the highlight reel.

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

There exist two kinds of losses: the painful, unforgettable ones and the banal, annoying ones that never get thought of again. For the Yankees, Saturday night’s loss against the Rays fits squarely in the second category. It started slow, had a moment where winning seemed possible, then devolved into a series of frustrating events.

Winner of the Game

Clint Frazier came into Saturday evening’s game having gone 4-for-20 since returning from the injured list. While he didn’t put up big numbers, he doubled to drive in the first run of the night for the Yankees. DJ LeMahieu also deserves credit for a solo home run, the second long ball he hit since signing with New York.

Loser of the Game

Can we call the bottom of the sixth inning the loser of the game? I’m going with that. Jonathan Holder allowed a single to Avisail Garcia, then recorded two quick outs. Garcia stole second as LeMahieu whiffed on Gary Sanchez’s throw. It was right on the money, but the official scorer gave Sanchez the error. A walk, an infield single on a ball mishandled by LeMahieu, and another single resulted in the Rays taking the lead. How annoying.

Honorable Mentions: CC Sabathia, the Yankees offense for going stagnant since Arizona


Credit: FanGraphs