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Compared to the rest of the AL East, Yankees fans are fickle

The early FanPulse results show Yankees fans are a mercurial bunch.

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Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

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When I get FanPulse data back each week, I’m amused by the volatility in the team confidence results. The confidence level moves almost in direct proportion to how the Yankees played in a given week. Take last week, for example. The team went 2-3 against the Diamondbacks and Twins. The team confidence rating dropped from 81% to 77%.

I wondered how the rest of the AL East compared over the seven-week span. It seemed especially timely as the Yankees are about to face the Rays, who currently lead the division.

Orioles fans appear content in their rebuild; they’re letting the process run its course. Red Sox fans had a few panic moments, but only cratered out at 52%. The Rays hold steady at the top for obvious reasons. And the Blue Jays? They’re enjoying the Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hype.

Yankees fans, meanwhile, live and die with every game. Confidence fell to 36% in the fourth week of surveying, then jumped right up on the West Coast trip. This isn’t a good or bad thing, just interesting compared to the rest of the league.

As for the national question, fans sure think the Rays are going to keep it up.

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