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Don’t make Luke Voit angry

The Yankees first baseman got hit by a pitch, and he wasn’t happy about it.

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The start of the 2019 season has not been kind to the Yankees when it comes to injuries. As things presently stand, the team has nine players on the injured list. Many of them are major contributors, too. Suffice it to say, the Bombers cannot afford another person getting hurt.

That’s why everyone cringed when Luke Voit got hit by a pitch in the eighth inning of yesterday’s game. Tigers reliever Joe Jimenez drilled the first baseman square in the hand with a 95.5 mph fastball. Voit, in noticeable pain, took first base and remained in the game to play the field in the top of the ninth. Thankfully the X-rays came back negative on the 28-year-old, with Aaron Boone indicating that the ball caught him in “a good spot.

Voit, however, did not appreciate Jimenez throwing inside. Consider what he had to say to Coley Harvey of ESPN after the game:

“It’s the second time I’ve been hit in that area this year already. And I get it, they’re trying to pitch up and in, but especially with our injuries going around, it’s just frustrating because I could’ve been No. [10] on the DL.

“And I get it, he was not trying to do it on purpose, but you never know what could happen. It’s just frustrating.”

He even had quite the reaction during the game, jawing at the pitcher from the first baseline.

If you can’t read lips, here’s a captioned version. The expression on his face tells the whole story.

Given his build and intensity, I wouldn’t want Voit upset at me. He fits right in among the Yankees’ collection of large baseball humans. And while you never want to see tempers flare on the field, I will concede an angry Voit is better than an injured Voit.