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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 4/27/19

Get to know Cameron Maybin; Brian Cashman may have lost the Caleb Smith trade; How the Yankees scored outfield support; The legal quagmire around Dellin Betances

San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

New York Post | George A. King III: Cameron Maybin made his Yankees debut last night, as the Yankees were desperate to fill out the 25-man roster. Maybin has been all around Major League Baseball, having a role in 10 organizations in his career. Just what can Yankees fans expect him to bring in his stopgap job?

CBS Sports | RJ Anderson: You’d be hard pressed to find a trade where Brian Cashman ended up on the losing end. Last year’s deal sending Caleb Smith to the Marlins is one example, however, as Smith has become one of the National League’s filthiest pitchers on a per-inning basis. Meanwhile, Mike King was the return in that deal and is just another injured member of the org right now.

SNY | John Harper: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,” isn’t just the poem from the base of the Statue of Liberty. It’s also apparently the pitch Brian Cashman gave to his fellow general managers this week after Clint Frazier went down with an ankle injury. This is a great look at the legwork involved in making a trade, especially one badly needed.

FanGraphs | Sheryl Ring: Dellin Betances is one of the many injured Yankees, but perhaps the most controversial, sidelined with a bone spur in his shoulder that the team allegedly found out about more than a dozen years ago. Sheryl Ring, FanGraphs’ in-house legal eagle, presents a convincing case that if the team knowingly withheld information from Betances, it’s legally questionable at worst and unethical at best.