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The Yankees keep finding someone to light the torch

Some Yankees have slumped recently. The good news is that other players have picked up their production.

MLB: New York Yankees at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 Yankees were expected to win a lot of games. Not many could have guessed that with half of Scranton Wilkes-Barre currently in the everyday lineup, they would be able to keep themselves afloat as well as they have. Several players have stepped up to help the team, though.

To begin the season Gary Sanchez, Gleyber Torres, and DJ LeMahieu were all on top of their game. It seemed like whenever the Bombers needed someone to get on base or a big hit LeMahieu would find a way. Likewise, Torres and Sanchez were there to provide with home runs. Things quickly changed, however, as Sanchez moved to the injured list, and Torres and LeMahieu cooled down. That could have been a huge blow to the lineup, but Luke Voit and Brett Gardner heated up at the perfect time.

Ups and Downs of Yankee Players

Player Dates wRC+ Dates wRC+
Player Dates wRC+ Dates wRC+
DJ LeMahieu 3/30-4/13 181 4/14-4/23 -26
Gleyber Torres 3/28-4/7 203 4/8-4/23 0
Gary Sanchez 3/28-4/9 173 Injured List
Brett Gardner 3/28-4/9 74 4/10-4/23 177
Luke Voit 3/28-4/8 96 4/9-4/23 157

Gardner hasn’t looked back since the Sanchez injury, and Voit started producing when Torres started slumping. So far, it’s looked like Voit could be the real deal. Clint Frazier has also produced in a big way after having a spring training to forget. It’s unfortunate that he has now hit the injured list too, but maybe Cameron Maybin will carry the torch.

There’s no denying that the Yankees had a disappointing start to the season. They were supposed to beat down on the weaker teams like the Orioles and Tigers, and both bested the Bombers at Yankee Stadium. Three weeks later, the Yankees are over .500 and are finally beating weaker teams. Despite all the injuries, they’re winning games with a cast of members who we never expected to all get a shot at the same time.

Not every team can still perform with half of their team on the injured list, but the Yankees have been able to do so thanks to all the depth Brian Cashman added. Importantly, someone has stepped up every time the Yankees have needed help. To be that 2019 Yankee team that every one expected them to be, they have to continue to weather the storm. It would be great to see them all hot at the same time, but for this season we should just be satisfied with seeing the whole team on the field at the same time.