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Yankees Highlights: Gio Urshela wills Bombers to marathon win

Goodnight everyone.

MLB: New York Yankees at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Of course this game went into extra innings. You knew it was coming; it felt inevitable. The real question was how many innings would it go. As it turns out, it took 14 frames to put this one away. We’ll have a full recap later this morning, but for now, here are a few takeaways.

Winner of the Game

Gio Urshela saved the Yankees. He is the story of the the game. The third baseman had the RBI sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 12th, then the go-ahead single in the 14th. Urshela also made a brilliant defensive play earlier in the game. This was his breakout party in pinstripes, and we are all indebted to him for ending this marathon.

Clint Frazier gets a nod for scoring in the 12th on what appears to be a badly rolled ankle. Ditto Gleyber Torres for running like a man possessed in the 14th.

Honorable Mentions: J.A. Happ, Adam Ottavino, Luke Voit

Loser of the Game

Aroldis Chapman blew the save in the 12th inning, because nothing can be easy when he pitches. The Angels tied the game on a two-out single. Zack Cozart appeared to be injured on the play as well. It was a frightening situation. Hopefully he’s okay.

The Yankees’ offense also gets the nod here for going totally quiet after scoring their second run. They had a chance to bust the game open against Matt Harvey but didn’t capitalize. In fact, between the second out of the fourth inning and Frazier’s double, 23 batters failed to collect a hit. The lone baserunner following that reached on a walk. The lineup completely shut it down after scoring two runs. I know that injuries have decimated the roster, but you won’t win many games sleepwalking.

Honorable Mentions: All of us if Frazier is hurt


Credit: FanGraphs