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The Yankees shouldn’t worry about Aroldis Chapman and a potential dip in velocity

New York Times baseball writer Tyler Kepner joined the Bomber Brothers podcast to discuss his book “K” and the state of the Yankees’ pitching staff.

MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The second episode of the relaunched Bomber Brothers podcast is out, and Tyler Kepner of the New York Times joined the show to discuss plenty of Yankee topics, both past and present.

Kepner talked about his new book “K” and the various Yankee cameos littered throughout the new release, but also discussed the current state of the Yankees, including Aroldis Chapman, who early in the season had some fans and experts concerned about a dip in velocity.

Chapman is human, and while his velocity was back up to triple digits in his latest outing, that fastball will eventually trend down for good. Kepner, however, is confident Chapman will still remain an efficient bullpen arm, given his plus slider and having someone in the locker room like CC Sabathia, who can offer Chapman advice on how to re-brand himself, much like Andy Pettitte did for Sabathia.

Kepner also discussed Mike Mussina, one of the main interview subjects of his book, and how Mussina, like many old-school pitchers, isn’t a huge fan of the advanced stats now accessible to pitchers in today’s game. Though Kepner, acknowledging Mussina’s smarts and hunger to compete, believes had Mussina pitched in today’s game, he would have studied his spin rate, vertical movement, and more, because Mussina is “too smart” to not have used something that was at his disposal.

The full interview with Kepner and episode is available for download or at the link below. Enjoy!