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Yankees Highlights: DJ LeMahieu deserves better than this

Another pitching meltdown resulted in the Yankees’ fourth loss in a row.

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

After bad injury news about both Gary Sanchez and Dellin Betances, the rainy Bronx weather was fitting for tonight’s game. The rain continued throughout until they finally threw the tarp on in the seventh inning. After about 35 minutes, they called it and put us out of our misery. We’ll have a full recap up later, but here are some highlights in the meantime.

Winner of the Game

After Greg Bird struck out with the bases loaded, it was DJ LeMahieu who hit an RBI single to put some runs on the board. He singled and walked during his other at-bats. I admittedly wasn’t a fan of this signing, but LeMahieu has really impressed so far. He’s hitting .410/.455/.538 through 39 at-bats.

Loser of the Game

Tonight was J.A. Happ’s third start of the year, and it was the third time he failed to make it five innings. He hasn’t given the Yankees length, and he hasn’t pitched particularly well. He gave up six earned runs through four innings tonight, with five strikeouts and a home run. Happ better find a way to right the ship soon.

Honorable mention: Greg Bird, Chad Green