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Your boldest Yankees predictions for 2019 include Miguel Andujar getting traded

If you think that’s bold, wait until you see the rest of these predictions.

MLB: Spring Training-Pittsburgh Pirates at New York Yankees Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

At a certain point in time, spring training activity grows stale. The rush of having live baseball on TV simmers down, and then the realization that Opening Day isn’t yet around the corner settles in. In order to shake off the spring malaise, I asked our followers on social media to give us their boldest Yankees predictions.

The bold predictions post is a Pinstripe Alley tradition. You can find the installments for 2017 and 2018 here. This year has some hot takes and suggestions that will certainly get the conversation going. Just remember to be respectful when discussing or disagreeing. Thanks!

It’s the final point that stands out as the boldest. The Marlins liked Andujar enough to ask for him in J.T. Realmuto trade talks. Moving the third baseman for Jose Urena, a 27-year-old starter with middling peripherals, would certainly draw a rational response around here.

Pettitte joining the rotation would mean something terrible happened. At the same time, I do love him and another comeback would be fun. Now seems like a good time to dust off this piece I wrote about his 2012 comeback season.

Give me the 2009 rematch. I wonder how that would end...

Oh, yes, of course!

You just hate to see it.

Does this mean DJ LeMahieu had a six-win season, or did Bryce Harper collapse?

Yeah, I’m going to take the under.

Is it just me or will fans complain about only winning 98 games after a World Series victory?

SIGN. ME. UP. That would be completely amazing.

But how many starts did he make?

Now that’s a solid team goal!

How do you feel about these predictions? Have any of your own that you would like to share? Look into the future and drop your ideas in the comment section.