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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 2/3/19

The Super Bowl is today! Which means baseball draws ever closer.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! The Los Angeles Rams and and the New England Patriots face off tonight as the NFL season concludes, which means that spring training is right around the corner. Whether or not you’re watching the big game, it at least means that real baseball is on the horizon.

If you’re a football fan, or anyone that partakes in the American spectacle that is the last football contest of the year, enjoy the game! If not, take solace in the fact that the end of the football season signals the coming of spring.

Fun Questions

  1. Who you got tonight? Rams or Patriots?
  2. Which run of dominance do you think is more impressive: the Patriots’ run from 2001 to the present, featuring nine title-game appearances and five (maybe six?) Super Bowls? Or the Yankees’ run from 1995 until now, which features 24 winning seasons, 20 playoff appearances, seven pennants, and five World Series?