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What do Yankees fans think of the Aaron Hicks contract extension?

Hicks is a Yankees for the foreseeable future. What do you think about that?

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The new week kicked off with a bang when it was announced Monday morning that the Yankees and Aaron Hicks agreed to a seven-year, $70 million dollar contract extension. The deal will theoretically keep Hicks in pinstripes through the 2025 season, with a club option for an eighth year in 2026.

A day later the dust has settled. You’ve probably seen and read several opinions about the deal, either here or elsewhere. Now, it’s time to hear from you. What do you think of Hicks’ contract extension?

To start with a positive look at things, the Yankees now have center field locked up for a while, by someone who’s been really good for the last two years.

One things about the deal that could be claimed as a negative is the length. Hicks will be 36 when it expires.

Admittedly, that is funny considering a certain player they were linked with this offseason just signed a deal that will end when he’s 36. However, the counter to that is that the AAV works out to $10 million per year, which seems fairly reasonable.

Getting a guy who has hit 42 home runs over the last two years, who also plays good defense, for essentially $10 million per year is pretty good. This deal is a bit confusing in regards to what it means in the grand scheme of free agency.

It does seem confusing that a guy coming off the seasons he has would be willing to lock up seven years at that price, but who knows what Hicks is thinking.

Back on the negative side of things, there are two other main points that people will use to detract this deal. One is Hicks’ injury history.

Hicks played in a little more than half the Yankees’ games in 2017, and had a stint on the (then known as) disabled list last year. Last year was also his career high in games played with 137.

That comment above also touches on the other thing people worry about. Yes, Hicks’ last two years have been good, but they are the only two good ones he’s had. His first couple years with the Twins and his 2016 in New York were generally below average by a lot of stats and metrics. Two years is a long time, but not enough to completely wipe away the fears that Hicks could regress somewhat.

So now it’s time to add your opinion. Vote in the poll and let us know in the comments what you think of the Yankees locking up Aaron Hicks.


What do you think of the Yankees/Aaron Hicks contract extension?

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