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Brian Cashman discusses Yankees roster, Manny Machado, and fan reactions

The Yankees GM weighed in on a number of topics as the team prepares to start spring training games.

MLB: New York Yankees-Workouts Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In less than 24 hours, the Yankees will play an actual game of baseball. As the team prepared for their first spring training exhibition, Brian Cashman met with members of the media for a lengthy Q & A session.

The Yankees general manager talked about a number of topics, including the state of the roster, Manny Machado’s free agent deal with the Padres, and the feedback he’s received from fans.

Cashman “comfortable” with team’s offseason

The reporters naturally gravitated to questions about the Yankees’ winter activity. For his part, Cashman sounded pleased with the work he did. “We’re comfortable with the path we walked,” he said.

If that sounds like he’s finished with adding to the roster, that’s probably because he is. “Regardless where the next big free agent signs, we like our team,” he explained. “On this date, we have a legitimate shot.”

No one can deny that the Yankees took steps to improve the team. They had one of busiest offseasons of anyone in baseball, although that doesn’t say much given the current climate in the game. Nonetheless, the measures seem underwhelming considering the other opportunities available, which brings us to...

“You can’t have ‘em all,” says Cashman of top free agents

Cashman discussed the Machado non-signing in great length. Bryan Hoch captured the comments on video:

“Sometimes timing is everything,” the GM noted. “And lest we not forget we have the very high-end, controllable own third baseman in [Miguel] Andujar, who just finished second in the Rookie of the Year.”

The reference to Carlos Beltran, however, doesn’t sound great. Passing on Beltran backfired, as the Yankees ran out Bernie Williams in the twilight of his career. They would have assuredly been better with Beltran, who offered to play in the Bronx at a discount price.

Yankees fans have his attention, and he has an answer

Wow, tag us next time, won’t you Cash?

The Yankees made a number of questionable moves this offseason. Fans have responded with arguments based on the best information made available to the public. I’m sure that he has access to proprietary data that backs up why the front office pursued this route. But you con’t blame fans for taking umbrage with comments that the organization made.