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Creating the best Yankees’ roster of the decade

Submit your answer in the FanPost section for the chance to see your story featured on the front page.

League Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

The year is starting to wind down, and this decade is coming to a close soon. Although the Yankees failed to add a World Series title over the past decade, they still had some truly great players and teams during it. That brings us to this week’s FanPost Friday prompt:

Create the best Yankees’ roster of the decade

The rules are simple: anyone who played for the Yankees from 2010-2019 is fair game. If you’d like, you can put together just a lineup. Be sure to let us know why you choose the players that ended up on your roster, and if there were any close calls. Head over to the FanPost section and submit your answer. We’ll feature one of the submissions on the front page on Friday.

How will we select which FanPosts to promote to the front page? Some of it will be subjective. If you follow our tips, you should find yourself on the right track. We will also be looking for FanPosts with comments and recommendations. Depending on the number of responses we get, receiving some recs on your post could separate your FanPost from the crowd. Additionally, if your post has a number of comments then it may have sparked some worthwhile discussions. These are just a few things we’ll be looking for when we decide which post(s) to promote on the front page. We are always on the lookout for new talent, and the FanPost section can be a great way to get our attention.

Submit your answer in the FanPost section before Friday (December 13) for your post to be considered.