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The amazing consistency of the New York Yankees

While other New York teams struggle to find long-term stability, the Yankees have been consistent when it comes to getting “their guy.”

New York Yankees Introduce Aaron Boone As Manager Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

“Consistency is the key to success.” We’ve all heard that one before. Whether it’s having a plan and sticking to it or hiring the right person to lead a team, consistency is crucial. Obviously, it’s easier said than done, though many New York teams have had trouble doing just that of late. There is one team, however, that has had only three managers over the last 23 years and hasn’t owned a losing record since 1992. If you’re wondering which New York team that may be, I’ll give you a hint—they play in the Bronx.

The New York Yankees have been the definition of consistency since the mid-90s, specifically since 1996 when Joe Torre took over as manager. In that time span, they’ve gone on to seven World Series appearances and won five of them. They haven’t finished below .500 for 27 seasons. Torre managed for a dozen years, was followed by a decade from Joe Girardi, who has been succeeded by Aaron Boone.

All have done exceptional work during their tenures as manager, and Boone is just getting started. The fans seem to love him, he earns rave reviews from within the team, and the clubhouse appears to have flourished under his watch. The Yankees seem to know when they have the right guy for the job and can construct a well-rounded roster for him. This aptitude for building a stable and consistent (and winning) environment is simply otherwise unheard of at this moment in the cauldron of New York sports.

The New York Knicks and Mets have all had recent coaching and personnel changes that seem to have contributed to the never-ending pain their fanbases suffer. The Knicks have had four coaching changes since 2016 and the Mets are on their second manager in three years.

For the Knicks and Mets, it all seems to stem from ownership. Think about how many times we’ve seen and heard about unhappy fans and their attempts to try to get their team’s owner to sell, with Knicks and Mets supporters prominently featured. We’ve even seen petitions created in attempts to have the Wilpons step down. Knicks owner James Dolan, reportedly banned a fan from Madison Square Garden who told him to sell the team.

The Giants and Jets have fallen into tumult as well. Big Blue just fired head coach Pat Shurmur after just two seasons. Shurmur had replaced Ben McAdoo, who didn’t even survive two years. McAdoo had replaced Tom Coughlin, who had been fired after the 2015 seasons. The Giants next coach will be their fourth in a half-decade. They’ve also made the not-so-popular move to keep General Manager Dave Gettleman, who may be out the door should the team struggle to another sub-.500 season.

As for Gang Green, Adam Gase just finished his first season in MetLife Stadium, and while the Jets did finish three wins better than they did in their 2018 campaign, Gase doesn’t seem long for New York. Gase appeared to be in danger of being fired by the middle of his debut campaign, and his return to the Jets feels almost as if the team is making a futile nod toward consistency and stability by sticking with a man they know won’t move the needle.

While other New York teams continue to sputter and flail about, the Yankees stand out as a pillar of success and stability. They understand how to cultivate a sturdy foundation in sport’s toughest climate. It’s a hard time to be a New York sports fan, but if there’s one team that the city can lean on, it’s the Yankees.