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A gift guide for the Yankee fan who has everything

You could buy a Gerrit Cole jersey, or you could get one of these things.

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Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees

Some sort of team memorabilia is always a good gift choice for the Yankee fan in your life. However, some people seemingly have it all. Jerseys, shirts, autographed baseball, whatever. Sure, there’s been some major news recently, and some sort of Gerrit Cole shirt would be a good option. Or, you could get one of these things.

If you’re looking for a last minute gift for the Yankee fan who truly has everything, here are some “good” choices.

An obvious place to start would be the official Yankees online store where you can find items like this:

New York Yankees Giancarlo Stanton Pro Bros Plush Toy

For $20, you can have this plush Giancarlo Stanton doll, that looks absolutely nothing like Giancarlo Stanton.

Another place to look would be the online shops of the various Yankees’ minor league affiliates, where you can find other “toys” that are supposed to resemble players.

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders Aaron Judge EEKEEZ Figurine

The Triple-A RailRiders online shop has this figure that is supposed to be Aaron Judge, which I guess is represented by the teeth? The actual face part looks more like Stanton than Judge or the doll that is supposed to be Stanton.

Boomer Pitching Pin

Meanwhile, the Double-A Trenton Thunder have a pin of their lesser, non-dog mascot (hi, Rookie) pitching, or should I say “pitching.” Now, I am not a pitching coach of any kind, but those mechanics seem to be a bit off.

Maybe you’re looking to buy a Yankees hat of some sort. New Era make the hats for the major leagues, and they have a large selection, well beyond the normal navy blue with a white “NY.” For example, there’s this one:


Sure, it’s a bit of a weird hat, but that’s an interesting color scheme, and hey wait a second...

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

New Era does return the favor and sell a Red Sox hat with a Yankee-ish design, but I think the question about both from both fan bases is: why?


There’s also this hat, which is supposed to resemble a suit label, I think?

A place for some really off the wall items is eBay, where you can find all sorts of used or even new items being resold by people. There’s a lot of various memorabilia, clothes and hats. However, you can also find people selling magazine ads from the 80s.

1980’s Don Mattingly in New York Yankees Jacket Ad

Yes, that is Don Mattingly at some point in the 80s modeling the dugout style Yankees jackets, and yes, it does appear to have just been delicately torn straight out of a magazine or catalog.


Another eBay option if this diploma from “Yankees University.” Hal Steinbrenner’s full first name is Harold, so I think we should assume that is him signing it. I do also approve of the alternate universe where the short-lived mascot Dandy is the Yankees’ president and not Randy Levine.

Last but not least, is some player merchandise. So, the fan you’re shopping for probably has their favorite player’s jersey or shirsey or something to do with them. They may have the same for their second favorite player, maybe even their third. You know who they almost definitely don’t have merch for: Tyler Lyons.

Tyler Lyons Be Yourself St.Louis Baseball Cool Fan Essential T Shirt
If I Die Tell Tyler Lyons I Loved Him 2014 St. Louis Baseball T Shirt
On A Scale Of One To Ten My Obsession With Tyler Lyons Is 70 St Louis Baseball Fan T Shirt

I am willing to bet whoever you’re shopping for doesn’t have those.