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Here’s what the first Gerrit Cole Yankees jersey looks like!

It’s for real, and you can order one today!

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I don’t know about you, but I still can’t believe the Yankees signed Gerrit Cole. I’ve had a keen interest in him since his draft day way back when, so seeing him suit up in the pinstripes felt like a dream come true. I thought it was going to happen this time two years ago, but wow, was it worth the wait.

Now, after the press conference dust has settled and the ink has dried on the contract, you can celebrate with all types of gear. We’ve run a few posts from our friends at BreakingT to get you started, but now there is so much more. Even better?

The first Gerrit Cole Yankees jersey is live!

It’s not cheap, but it’s for real! Here’s where you can order his first pinstripe uniform.

NOTE: Since this is a special event item, the jersey will not ship until late January.

Gerrit Cole Nike Yankees Jersey for $360

Here’s some more Cole/Yankees T-shirts that just dropped!

And a few more Cole merch from our friends at BreakingT