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Celebrate the Gerrit Cole signing with even more shirts from BreakingT

You can say we’re excited for Cole.

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Did you know that Gerrit Cole signed with the Yankees? I know that you heard; I just like typing that. The Bombers inked Cole to a nine-year deal, and the energy around the deal has been electric. You can tell from the comments or social media that fans are thrilled to have the ace in pinstripes.

To celebrate, our friends at BreakingT put together a few more t-shirts and hoodies. There’s Today, Tomorrow, Forever, which honors Cole’s famous sign from the 2001 World Series. Brian Cashman’s said that Cole was his “white whale”, which inspired the adorable whale design. Lastly, there’s the Cole’d Blooded shirt that you’ve seen around here before.

BreakingT shirts have the MLBPA seal of approval and are made in the USA. They’re real comfortable, too! You can order yours today by clicking on the links below.

Today Tomorrow Forever T-shirt for $28