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Pinstripe Alley’s 2019 Yankees and MLB predictions results

If we keep predicting the Yankees to win the World Series, it will eventually happen. Not this year, though.

Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Weeks after baseball officially ended, all of the big 2019 awards have finally been handed out. That means it is time for us to revisit our 2019 predictions and determine a PSA winner. For some absurd reason, Jake has won this thing three consecutive times. Can he go a perfect four-for-four? I haven’t actually calculated the results yet, so it’ll be a surprise for me too when we reach the end of this story.

If you made predictions with us in the comments section, you can revisit your original answers here.

As far as scoring goes, I awarded one point for each correct slot in the standings. For numerical predictions, I awarded two points for the closest guess, and three points for being exactly right. Correct guesses on player awards and leaders received two points.

2019 AL Standings

You know it was a good season when the Red Sox performed worse than we all predicted.

The AL Central was a total surprise, huh?

Everyone slow clap for Pavich for getting them all right.

2019 NL Standings

The Phillies really let everyone down.

The NL Central was fairly predictable.

We should have known the Padres would be bad.

Stanton & Judge HR, Ellsbury & Tulo G, Tanaka & Severino ERA, Ottavino K

I am ashamed by my Tulo prediction. Sometimes, you really do know who a player is.

Yankee leaders: AVG, HR, ERA, and WAR

Only Tyler and Jake had faith in DJ LeMahieu.

MLB leaders: AVG, HR, ERA, and WAR

Who woulda thought that former Yankee Kirby Yates would be the ERA leader???

Most team wins & losses, first manager fired

I actually didn’t realize that the Tigers had the most losses until I started working on this. They weren’t even on our radar.

MLB Awards

Good on Josh for being the only person to pick Verlander.


Seriously, we will be right one year.

Staff results

Shoutout to Jake for (co)winning this thing four consecutive years. At least this time he has to share the crown. Josh really gained some ground in the miscellaneous Yankees predictions. Next year, Jake should use his powers for good and finally pick the Yankees to win it all.

If you played along, let us know your results in the comments section.