New Pitching Coach

David Cone, Please ... it's a no-brainer. He even has a terrific legacy with the Yankees too.

Not only was he a great SP with five rings to show for it, unlike most old school pitchers he is absolutely immersed in analytics too ... perfect blend of old school meets new.

Lastly, every time he speaks about pitching on YES I feel like I am receiving a PHD education in the art of pitching, and if all that is not enough, he has the perfect temperament too. Show me someone who doesn't like David Cone and I'll show you someone with serious personality problems.

I look at David Cone and I see the perfect candidate for Yankees pitching coach. Beltran was a great hire for the Mets Manager job, but thank God that left Cone available for us at pitching coach. Please Boone, Cash and Hal, lets not blow this, it's an easy call.

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