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The weirdest moments from the Yankees’ 2019 season

This was an odd season.

2019 London Series Game 2: New York Yankees v. Boston Red Sox Photo by Chris Trotman/MLB via Getty Images

From pretty much the start of the season, this year was a weird one for the Yankees.

A parade of injuries started in the very first week of the season and seemingly never let up. There was a trip overseas. Several players that many people would not have heard of before that season provided invaluable contributions all over the roster. Austin Romine pitched again.

There are plenty of other moments or games that could go on this list, but here is a list of the five weirdest games from the 2019 Yankees season.

5. July 18

This game just started out as the first half of a doubleheader against the Rays. It ended by giving us two of the most indelible memes of this season.

After striking out looking on a questionable call in the second inning, Brett Gardner did this:

Shortly following that, Aaron Boone got into it with the home plate umpire, leading to his ejection. He would get some parting words in before he left.

Both the Gardner bat bang and the “Savages” rant would become recurring themes for the reason of the season. Who knew one strikeout could create so much?

4. April 21

The big story for a lot of this season was the injuries the Yankees dealt with, and the “next man up” mentality they used to their success. Never was that more evident than on this day. This was the lineup the Yankees ran out on April 21st:

Yes, it was just the Royals, but they won that game.

You may be thinking, “well yeah, Gio Urshela, Mike Tauchman, and Mike Ford all had good seasons.” Sure, but no one could have predicted that back on this day.

3. March 30-31

Hey, remember all the stats about how the Yankees (and in particular, Gleyber Torres) completely and utterly destroyed the Orioles this season? Do you remember how the season started against them?

After winning on Opening Day, the Yankees dropped games two and three of the season to Baltimore. In the first of those two losses, they allowed a three-RBI game to Jesus Sucre. Those were his only three RBI for the entire season. In the other, the late inning pinch hitting option the Yankees used was Troy Tulowitzki. It began to look like the weird struggles against a bad Orioles team was going to continue over from 2018.

Instead, the Yankees didn’t lose a single other game against Baltimore the entire rest of the season. The average winning-margin across those remaining games was over four runs. The final two games of that opening series are, in retrospect, extremely weird.

However, the was one sign of things to come, as Torres went 4-for-9 in those two losses.

2. June 29-30

So many things and so many injures have happened since that it feels like longer ago, but the London Series did indeed happen this season. And what a dumb pair of baseball games they were.

The Yankees and Red Sox scored a combined 50 runs in the pair of games played across the pond, both of which lasted well over four hours. Of the 36 half innings played, the teams scored four or more runs in seven of them. The Yankees were responsible for three of those frames. They scored less than four runs in 20 different games over the course of the season. The only two Yankees to get an at-bat in either game and not record a hit were Tauchman and Romine.

Thankfully, the Yankees are not headed back next season, because those two games were a lot to deal with.

1. July 23

This game against the Twins featured a combined 36 runs, six home runs, and six lead changes. Twelve of those runs and four of those lead changes were in the eighth inning or later. Four different pitchers were charged with blown saves, and the win probability graph looks like a very unsafe roller coaster.

This is how the game ended:

Had that dropped in, we would’ve had another tie game at the very least. Almost inarguably, it was the wildest Yankees game in a long, long time.