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Imagining the Yankees as scary movie characters

Happy Halloween from Pinstripe Alley!

Halloween at castle Frankenstein Photo by Andreas Arnold/picture alliance via Getty Images

Because today is Halloween, I have decided to take a variety of scary movie characters and relate them to different players on the Yankees. This is meant for fun and is not intended to be taken literally. Obviously, these players aren’t mass murders who wreak havoc. Without further ado, let’s start things off with big No. 99.

Aaron Judge -Frankenstein’s Monster

Victor Frankenstein is a young scientist who creates a massive creature as an experiment. The monster is very large, measuring up around 8-feet tall. We all know Aaron Judge is a freakishly tall person. That’s why I have chosen Frankenstein’s monster to be Judge’s comp. Not only is Judge tall, but he’s actually the tallest position player in major league history. When Frankenstein’s monster first went out into the wilderness, people were afraid of him because of how big and scary looking he was. I can imagine that’s also how many pitchers feel when Judge digs into the box.

DJ LeMahieu - Michael Myers

Michael Myers is a stone-cold killer who shows no remorse to anyone. He has no emotion and is focused on just one thing, killing. Him and LeMahieu are emotionless and both are killers. Except in LeMahieu’s case, he’s the “Sale Killer.” When LeMahieu hit the biggest home run of his life in the ninth inning of Game Six of the ALCS, he barely showed any emotion rounding the bases. All he did was clap his hands once, and then straight-faced it all the way home, and that was probably the most emotion he showed the entire year.

Aroldis Chapman - Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger is the spirit of a serial killer and kills his victims in their dreams, which causes them to die in real life as well. However, when he is brought into the real world, he has human vulnerabilities and is no longer invincible. So how does this relate to Chapman? Opponents have nightmares about Chapman’s triple-digit fastball and stay up at night wondering how they’re going to hit it. Though, when Chapman is brought into reality (the postseason) he becomes susceptible to giving up very important home runs. Don’t forget that Rajai Davis happened before Jose Altuve did.

Giancarlo Stanton - King Kong

This is a character that’s not necessarily like the others. As I’m sure you know, King Kong is giant gorilla who has even been dubbed as “The Eighth Wonder of the World” within its movies. Giancarlo Stanton is a giant human being who may be just as strong as King Kong is. Plus, Kong is referred to as “half man, half beast.” You could make the case for that to be Stanton’s nickname too. Another thing the two have in common is that they both live with other enormous creatures. King Kong with gorillas, Stanton with Aaron Judge, Dellin Betances, CC Sabathia, and Aroldis Chapman. All of those guys are taller than 6’4”. If you ask me, that definitely falls under the category of enormous creatures. Finally, both King Kong and Giancarlo Stanton are in New York. At the end, Kong is attacked by planes and brought down by the military. Stanton is attacked by Yankees fans and brought down by injuries.