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Pinstripe Alley open thread - 10/15/19

The playoffs have returned to the Bronx.

MLB: ALDS-New York Yankees at Minnesota Twins David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

After a day to lick their wounds, the Yankees are back and ready to take on the Astros on home-field. The ALCS will resume this afternoon at Yankee Stadium, as New York will look to take hold of the series after having exited Houston with a 1-1 tie.

Luis Severino and Gerrit Cole give us a positively tantalizing matchup. The action starts early, at 4:08 EST. See you there.

Fun Questions

  1. How many runs do you think the Yankees can scratch off of Cole tonight? Do you think they can get to him?
  2. What’s the better category of beverage: hot drinks or cold drinks?