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Fans see the Yankees as the villains of the postseason

To the surprise of no one, baseball fans want to see the Yankees lose.

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MLB: ALDS-Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

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Remember how the Yankees were the lovable underdogs—to the extent the New York Yankees could ever be considered lovable underdogs—back in 2017? The Baby Bombers, the Thumbs Down Movement, and a number of other factors resulted in a sort of national appreciation of the Yankees. It represented a new experience for fans of the Evil Empire.

Let me tell you, the goodwill didn’t last long.

This week’s SB Nation MLB FanPulse survey asked fans who they wanted to see lose in the playoffs. As it turns out, the Yankees took home the dubious distinction of most-hated club.

I guess that happens when you pick up 103 wins over the course of the season, without ever employing your A-lineup, and then storm through the ALDS.

The Yankees’ impressive ALDS showing also has fans optimistic about the team’s direction. The team confidence rating climbed to 94% this week, tying the previous season high set back in Week 11. It’s also a significant jump from the crash last week, when the limp to the finish saw a 71% confidence rating.

Aaron Boone, meanwhile, reached an all-time high in fan confidence voting. The skipper received a 95% approval rating. While FanPulse data only goes back to the close of spring training, the ALDS had to represent his highest point with fans to date.

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