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Brian Cashman says Troy Tulowitzki is the Yankees shortstop

The Yankees general manager also discussed Manny Machado, Sonny Gray, and more.

New York Yankees v New York Mets Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Yankees officially signed Troy Tulowitzki on Friday afternoon. Shortly after the team announced the deal, Brian Cashman addressed members of the media. He provided a rundown on the state of the Yankees offseason, touching upon every major storyline.

Cashman left no stone unturned. He talked about Tulowitzki’s role, Manny Machado’s free agency, Sonny Gray’s trade status, and CC Sabathia’s health, to name a few. These selections represent the most interesting pieces of the conversation.

Tulowitzki named starting shortstop

This would be the coolest headline in 2011. Alas, it’s 2019 and the Yankees will turn to a 34-year-old making a comeback attempt to fill in for Didi Gregorius. The Bombers, who hosted Tulowitzki for a private workout after his showcase, liked what they saw.

Cashman noted that the veteran shortstop is “excited to show everyone what he’s capable of while Didi’s out. He’s got a chip on his shoulder.” Let’s hope so. This whole situation is eerily reminiscent of a 2013-2014 Yankees move.

Yankees remain in touch with Machado

It seems clear that Cashman got tired of all the questions about Machado during the conference call. He did, however, concede that he’s been in touch with the superstar’s agent, Dan Lozano. In fact, he confirmed reports that the Yankees clued Machado’s camp in on the Tulowitzki signing before it went down.

It makes sense that the Yankees are still talking to Machado. He fits them so well. The team could add another impact bat into the lineup for just cash. Rationally speaking, the Tulowitzki signing should in no way prevent a club from singing a player of Machado’s caliber. It just doesn’t seem like a resolution is coming anytime soon.

Bombers may hang on to Gray — for now

It became obvious at the outset of the offseason that the Yankees would trade Gray. The embattled right-hander appeared to have run his course in New York. Rumors dropped on a near-daily basis, but the trail grew cold of late. Apparently the Yankees are taking their time because of Sabathia’s recent health scare.

Cashman still insists that Gray will get traded at some point in 2019. It just may not happen right away, and he very well could still be with the club once the season starts.

Wouldn’t it be funny if he stayed with the team for a little while and pitched to his true talent level? I suppose that would make for a good problem to have. Cashman talked about Tulowitzki having a chip on his shoulder, maybe Gray will show up with one on his.