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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/19/19

Rivera could achieve unanimous induction; What’s left for the Yankee offseason; Machado could get creative; Red Sox lying in wait

Derek Jeter Ceremony Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

FiveThirtyEight | Nathaniel Rakich: On Tuesday, the latest class of baseball’s immortals will be announced as the Hall of Fame releases their inductees. Mariano Rivera will be among them, and FiveThirtyEight is predicting that Mo will be the first ever unanimous induction. Public and private ballots often differ, but the lack of any dissent so far makes the site’s algorithm very happy.

SNY | Chris Carelli: After signing Adam Ottavino, the main boxes on the offseason’s checklist appear to be complete. There are still a few moves to expect in the lead-up to spring training, though, and that includes a Sonny Gray trade. The Yankees could make a move for a little more infield depth, too. | Mike Rosenstein: This has been an interesting offseason, especially when looking at the way contracts are being structured. Yusei Kikuchi and Zach Britton both agreed to unusual deals with convoluted opt-out clauses. Scott Boras has coined a term for it, and while I will not say it, because it is dumb, one wonders if Manny Machado will seek a similar kind of structure. | Mike Lupica: While the Yankees have been fairly active this winter, the Red Sox have remained quiet save for retaining the services of Nathan Eovaldi. They remain the favorites for closer Craig Kimbrel, so it would be foolish to think the Sox will continue to just sit around waiting.