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Yankees sign Adam Ottavino: Community Reactions

This deal seems like a potential steal for the Yankees. Tell us what you think!

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Seattle Mariners
“What do YOU think of the signing? No, not you! You! Over there!”
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Even though we’re less than a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting, free agents are still looking for homes and teams are still looking to finalize their rosters. Free agency is fun these days. Still though, teams continue to make moves and the Yankees just made another big one.

It was long speculated that the Yankees would sign two free relievers this winter and after re-signing Zach Britton a few weeks ago, they added their second reliever in Adam Ottavino yesterday. Per Jeff Passan, the deal is for three years and $27 million. Which is probably lower than expected, but that’s exactly what teams are doing by waiting this long to sign players. Re: Free agency is fun these days.

Anyway, this isn’t about the problems with free agency. This is about what you think of the Yankees decision to bring in the 33-year old right-hander. So let’s check out what some of you had to say about him, the deal, or the team in general.

Ottavino Reactions

One would think a reliever making $9 million wouldn’t impact any big decisions, but who knows with the Yankees these days?

Ottavino Reactions

Just missing best person ever with David Robertson, but whatever. This is still great.

Ottavino Reactions
Ottavino Reactions

I feel like we’ve been talking about five-inning games for a while now, but keeping a team’s strength a strength is never a bad thing!

Ottavino Reactions

They certainly can withstand a bullpen injury better than a lot of teams could, but I definitely hope that last part isn’t true.

Ottavino Reactions

It really just makes too much sense at this point and the market is playing out perfectly for the Yankees to jump in and take advantage.

Ottavino Reactions

I wonder if Brian Cashman thought the number of former Rockies on this team was Tulo...

Ottavino Reactions

I don’t know that the Red Sox overachieved, but I am so here for the Red Sox potentially giving Craig Kimbrel a stupid amount of money.

Overall it seems like because of the cost, people are okay with this move. If they only signed Britton that would’ve been fine since the Yankees do have other players, but now at least they have some high-leverage talent for the end of games signed past next year. That becomes important after losing Robertson since Dellin Betances is a free agent next winter and Aroldis Chapman can technically opt-out.

So do you agree with the overall sentiment or disagree?


Do you approve of the Adam Ottavino signing?

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    Yes, this Otta be great!
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  • 4%
    More like Adam Meh-ttavino
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  • 1%
    Adam OttaviNO
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  • 6%
    I don’t care, just let him wear #0
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