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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 9/9/18

Didi Gregorius slowly working back into everyday playing time; Gleyber Torres youngest Yankee to reach 100 hits since Mantle; Aaron Judge takes BP; Austin Romine joins the double digits dingers club

MLB: Game Two-New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles
If you don’t love this man, there is something wrong with you
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Newsday | Erik Boland: Sir Didi Gregorius is the world’s best human, as painfully evident by the image used for this link dump. Being ever so cautious, the Yankees are easing our beloved knight back into the swing of things. In Friday’s game, he saw action in the 6th inning. In yesterday’s game, he got the start before being Adeiny Hechavarreplaced. This is probably the best course of action, as we will need Sir Didi going forward. | Bryan Hoch: Another day, another historic dinger. Gleyber Torres hit a 2-run dinger in Friday’s game, which just happened to be his 100th hit in the majors. This made Gleyber the youngest Yankee since Mickey Mantle to reach 100 hits in a season. Okay, perhaps I oversold the importance of the dinger. I only do these link dumps once a week now, so forgive me if it was a tad embellished.

New York Post | George A. King III: Aaron Judge has been hurt for too long. I need him to get better. You need him to get better. The Yankees need him to get better. Good news. Judge is getting better. Yesterday, his honor took batting practice for the first time since the injury. If all goes exactly like I really really want it to go, I’ll get to see him play at Target Field the next three days. If all goes normally, he’ll probably just take more BP. | Bryan Hoch: Another day, another historic dinger. Last night, Austin Romine hit his 10th HR of the year, which is a new season high for him. Is that historic? Sure, why not! The other exclamation point to Romine’s dong was that it made him the 10th Yankee to have double digit home runs, which is apparently four shy of the record for one team. Also, the Bronx Bombers are closing in on the single season dinger record. History!!!

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