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The best, worst, and funniest of the 2018 Yankees’ playoff merchandise

As always, MLB has rolled out gear after the Yankees clinched their playoff berth

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Over the weekend, the Yankees officially locked up a playoff spot. As is the norm, the win was followed by locker room celebrations. As is the custom in those, all the players were wearing the special commemorative gear.

At least for the Yankees, the gear for just a Wild Card spot probably won’t sell as much as World Series winning merchandise, or even division title merchandise. For teams who had long playoff droughts, like the Pirates back in 2013, Wild Card winning stuff would probably sell pretty well. However, the Yankees have made the playoffs too many times to get excited about a Wild Card berth.

That being said, people still clearly buy it. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be multiple items for sale on the Yankees’ and MLB’s websites.

With the Yankees now in, that merchandise is available online, so let’s check out the best and worst of the items for sale.

That was the official shirt worn in the locker room during the celebrations. “Defend the Bronx” is one of the better “Defend the (X)” saying shirts used this year. Certainly better than some, at least

That is blatantly just the Orioles’ uniform font. That is the closest Baltimore will get to the playoffs this year, folks.

If it weren’t for the Yankees’ logo, MLB logo, and the writing, that hat looks like a golf hat. Specifically, a hat worn by a golfer you’ve never heard of during the random PGA tournaments on in the background while you nap on Sunday.

For $19.99, I can make you a rough approximation of this shirt with a sharpie.


That’s right, all of New York assemble. Surely no one will have any objections.

Absolutely no shade if anyone buys any of these items. You can never have too much Yankee gear—I have like 10 shirsies. That being said, some of it is definitely pretty funny.