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Ways to improve the Yankee Stadium experience based on Target Field

The Yankees could learn a lot from the Twins.

The Yankees were recently at Target Field to play the Minnesota Twins. I was there, as I now currently reside in Minneapolis. While the results did not exactly go the way the Yankees would have liked, it was still an enjoyable experience. That’s because Target Field is a fantastic place to watch a game of baseball.

This is not to say that the new Yankee Stadium, or YSIII, isn’t great. It’s true that it will never be the old stadium, because nothing ever will beat YSII to me. You never forget your first home. However, there are ways that Yankee Stadium can improve the fan experience as a whole. In before the “yeah, they could try playing better” responses. They really could play a little better though.

What follows are ways to improve the stadium experience just based on Target Field alone.

No seriously. DO THIS.

Dollar Dog Night

We all know that food at Yankee Stadium is not exactly cheap. The same is true at Target Field. If you can believe it, Target Field food prices might even be more expensive than in the Bronx. Crazy, right? Well, for one magical day a week, the Twins provide their fans with a chance to gorge on hot dogs for a dollar each. If you’re wondering why it’s only two per customer at a time, Twinkie Town has a fascinating theory as to why. It involves a former Yankee legend.

Other stadiums around the league do this. There’s no reason Yankee Stadium should not. Honestly, there were more fans in attendance at Wednesday’s Twins vs. Yankees game than any other day of the week. While it was also Wild Night, and college night, I’m willing to bet it was also because of dollar hot dogs. There are few places I wouldn’t go in NYC to get a copious amount of food for a dollar each. I’d even eat dumplings cooked outside in a street alley with rats if it was only a dollar. Ah, how I miss you Prosperity Dumpling.

Outdoor giveaways

Designated Theme Night Area

This is probably my favorite thing that Target Field does. Whenever the Twins hold special theme nights, like the Minnesota Wild night up above, they will giveaway cool items. For Wild night, you got a pretty neat Wild/Twins winter hat. During Star Wars night, they gave away a talking Joe Mauer Han Solo Bobblehead. You get the idea.

The giveaways themselves aren’t as important as the way they go about giving these items away. How you get these items is you buy a special ticket package, like the sign says. This does not actually cost more than a regular ticket. It just creates an addition onto your ticket that gets the item for you. Then you go to the designated area and pick it up. I love this. It works with both electronic and printed tickets.

This system is not based on the time you arrive at the stadium. Once you buy that ticket, your item is secure. They still do basic “arrive at the stadium” giveaways, but this offers fans a stress-free way to get awesome collector’s items without having to worry about getting out of work early, traffic, a track fire on the 4 train, etc. This would make future Aaron Judge bobbleheads much easier to get for Yankee fans. There’s plenty of room to do this outside of Yankee Stadium.

It’s soda. You can enjoy that irresponsibly as well!

Responsible Fan Drink Voucher

This is always my first stop at Target Field. For those who don’t know, I don’t drink alcohol. Sometimes this team makes me wish I did. Either way, there are many fans who choose to bring in a $1-$2 bottle of water from outside Yankee Stadium and just refill it. I was one of those people, because even a soda can be pricey at YSIII.

Now I’m not actually sure if YSIII does this or not, but if not they should. All you have to do to get a free drink voucher at Target Field is visit a booth on the 3rd level, provide some basic info, and boom. You get your wrist band, your free drink voucher, and even a chance to win a prize. Then, if you do want a beer after your free soda, just rip off the armband.



I’m just kidding. Do not do this, Yankees. This game is evil and wrong. It sucks your very soul away, and I’m not kidding. You can get a BINGO in the 2nd inning and STILL not be able to claim a prize. Just no. Never do this at Yankee Stadium.

These are just ways to improve the Yankee Stadium experience based on Target Field. We’d love to hear some of your ideas based on the non-Yankee Stadiums you frequent during the year. Let us know in the comments.