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Aaron Boone has epic meltdown, gets ejected from Yankees - Tigers game

Boone allowed his frustrations to boil over, and he unleashed them on umpire Nic Lentz.

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

For a few days now, Yankees manager Aaron Boone has talked about the frustrations surrounding the team. Their propensity to lose to bad teams resulted in an unusually agitated Boone. For the most part, he kept it in check, only flashing glimpses of it to the media.

Then he encountered home plate umpire Nic Lentz.

In the fifth inning of Friday night’s game against the Tigers, Boone took umbrage with Lentz’s inconsistent strike zone. After repeated chirping from the dugout, Boone got ejected. That resulted in him taking the field, where he proceeded to have a meltdown that conjured up memories of Billy Martin.

Boone got in the umpire’s face, to the point where the brim of his cap brushed Lentz’s face.

The highlight of the ordeal came when Boone gave a demonstration of the strike zone, crouching down into a catcher’s position. He mimicked a received strike and ball before leaving the field.

That has to be the ejection of the season, right? Yankees fans wanted Boone to show some emotion, and did he ever. The Bombers seemed to respond in kind, by launching a home run barrage in the next inning. Now let’s just hope Boone doesn’t get suspended for these antics.