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The best of the 2018 Yankees’ minor-league special jerseys

From Pizza Rats to Melonheads, here are the best and funniest special jerseys from the Yankees’ minor league affiliates

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Minor-league regular seasons are over or about to end. While there are still playoff games ahead, the regular season genuinely means the end of the promotional schedules. That means no more bobblehead giveaways or Star Wars themed nights. Not only that, itt also means the end of special jerseys.

In recent years, special attraction jerseys have seemingly become a prevalent thing throughout the minor leagues. While some are tied to Star Wars or Marvel or other motifs like that like that, others are tied to regional things or food products, or in some cases defunct toy stores.

With the seasons coming to and end, and most of these jerseys having seen game action, here are some of the best from the Yankees’ minor-league affiliates in 2018.

5. Staten Island Pizza Rats

Pizza Rats jerseys sound funny in theory, but c’mon, that is a like a five-year old meme. What, are they going to be the Staten Island Distracted Boyfriends next season? Actually, that sounds great.

4. Trenton Pork Roll

The cartoonishness of a food product isn’t an uncommon thing in minor-league promotions of recent years, but it’s still pretty funny. However, had the Thunder brought back these ones with Rookie the bat dog on them, they would have be the undisputed number one on this list.

3. Charleston RiverDogs Toys R’Us

The RiverDogs also wore some excellent Charleston Rainbows throwbacks, but these Toys R’Us are the second best tribute to the dearly departed toy store franchise. The best tribute was Geoffrey the Giraffe entering a professional wrestling match.

2. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Pierogies

Slight bias on part for putting these this high, but pierogies are delicious, and, as someone who lives in the Scranton area, they are a big thing in NEPA. Some points off for making them look radioactive, but still, it’s the thought that counts.

1. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Melonheads

As an avowed stan for the Backyard Baseball video game series, this is an undisputed number one in my personal opinion. It’s the most absurd name you can pick of all the ones available in the most delightfully awesome video game. The only thing that would have been more on point was if they had stuck even closer to the video game and worn blank, solid color jerseys and blank solid colored pants. That or figure out a way to bring Pablo Sanchez to life and sign him to a deal.

Honorable (?) Mention

Pulaski Yankee Ag Night

As the kids say, what are those?