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Greg Bird made one of the worst errors you will ever see

Bird’s struggles on both sides of the ball continue.

New York Mets v New York Yankees Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The nightmare season for Greg Bird continued on Tuesday night. The 25-year-old first baseman cracked the lineup for just the second time in the last six games. Luke Voit, of all people, displaced him for a little while there.

One would think that Bird would use this game as an opportunity to show the Yankees and fans what they’re missing. And he still has a chance to, as I write this in the top of the third inning. But he did not get off to a good start, making an unbelievably laughable error to start the game.

It started with Yolmer Sanchez hitting a routine groundball up the middle. Ronald Torreyes fielded it cleanly, then tossed the ball to Bird at first base. The throw was right on the money, hitting the mitt like a bullseye. Bird couldn’t hold on to it, however, and the runner reached on the error.

That is so bad. A major league first baseman has to catch an easy throw like that. The Yankee Stadium crowd let him hear it. It’s almost hard to blame them.

After his first at-bat of the game, Bird is hitting .198/.287/.389 on the season. He has 11 home runs and an 82 wRC+. He’s not hitting, and he’s not playing defense. It’s getting real ugly out there for him.