For better or for worse...surprises and disappointments

For me, the biggest surprise of the year would have to go to Miguel Andujar. He obviously flashed potential in his one appearance with the team last year, but I never expected him to come up and quickly put up a .300 average. I can never recall being so impressed by a rookie (I was still in pre-school when guys like Jeter were rookies). He definitely gets my vote for the positive side and I am hoping that he can keep this up.

My biggest disappointment, with many nominees, is Gary Sanchez. Even when he was healthy, he just seemed to go totally south on us this year. Even though he had his fair share of dingers, he was very truly a home run or bust hitter with a frequency of bust. His defensive skills behind the plate also continued to show no improvement. Very frustrating for a guy who came up with ROY/MVP potential.

Runners-up: For surprise, give me Lance Lynn at this point. For disappointment, Sonny Gray.

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