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The Yankees’ 2019 schedule is good news for fans of home runs

What fun things can Judge and Stanton take aim at in 2019?

New York Yankees v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

The Yankees released their 2019 schedule on Wednesday. It’s far too early to read much into it, or to determine how difficult or easy it is. Besides, the 2018 season isn’t even over yet. There’s a lot of baseball left to play.

What we can do with it, however, is determine what are the most fun road trips to see Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton potentially hit dingers.

Places in the division, such as Fenway Park, are always fun because they typically host important games. We’ll skip them, but they should be read as given. Also, the schedule makers robbed us of seeing Judge and Stanton in Coors Field by putting the Yankees-Rockies series in the Bronx. That’s unfortunate, but there are still some fun road trips next season.

Here are the five most intriguing road trips for fun home run possibilities in 2019.

5. Citi Field, vs. Mets (July 2-3)

This gets on the list for good measure. It would still be extremely fun to see someone hit a home run off the apple, causing it to malfunction and signal during a Yankees’ home run trot. That’s probably not possible, but you never know unless you try!

4. Dodger Stadium, vs. Dodgers (August 23-25)

There are no especially memorable features about Chavez Ravine, but the whole stadium itself is unmistakable. It’s Stanton’s hometown, and the team he grew up rooting for. He might want to show off a little. The Yankees only get to go there so often, so when in Rome...

3. AT&T Park, vs. Giants (April 26-28)

Since Barry Bonds’ retirement, the amount of home runs hit into McCovey Cove has gone down. That being said, if we’re ranking the likelihood of current players who could pull of the feat, Judge and Stanton would be near the top of the list. Not to mention, there’s also the giant Coca Cola bottle and giant glove in left field. Take aim at those, boys.

2. London Stadium, vs. Red Sox (June 29-30)

The Yankees and Red Sox will play a pair of games in London at the 2012 Olympic stadium. London Stadium does not provide the best visuals of the available options in the city; Lord’s Cricket Ground is number one on that front. It could, however, still be good, The stadium is used mainly for soccer now, so I don’t know if the Olympic cauldron is around anywhere. If it is, I’d like to see some homers hit off that.

1. Chase Field, at Diamondbacks (April 30-May 1)

Rain dingers into the pool.