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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 8/2/18

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Lance Lynn makes impressive debut after Sonny Gray flops; Phil Nevin yells at players in dugout during yesterday’s game; Clint Frazier still a possible option to fill in for Judge; Noah Syndergaard reacts to Happ getting same disease

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees
Ball goes that-a-way!
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports | Mandy Bell: When fans first found out about the trade for Lance Lynn, some were skeptical. Some were dismayed. Others were curious why we couldn’t get Max Scherzer. Like Greg Kirkland and pretty much no one else. After Sonny Gray gave us his classic “two steps back” start, Lynn came in and gave the Yankees what they needed. While they didn’t win, Lynn showed what he was capable of in a bullpen role. Some would say he should starts games over Gray. Would you?

Newsday | Owen O\u2019Brien (or O’Brien): It’s safe to say that no one was happy with how the Yankees played against the Orioles yesterday. Well, except perhaps Red Sox & Orioles fans. Phil Nevin was caught on camera screaming at the players, due to their performance. Nevin states that he was not singling anyone out, but just trying to fire the team up. The players didn’t really disagree with Nevin, saying it was the spark they needed. Perhaps they should play better against the O’s. Just a suggestion.

New York Post | George A. King III: Brian Cashman looked at some outfielders to help fill the Aaron Judge void in all of our lives. While the external options were not feasible in Cashman’s eyes, he’s hopeful that an internal option will soon be available. Clint Frazier is dealing with migraine issues, but he does not have a second concussion, which is promising news. If he continues to improve, there is a chance he could be called up. We shall see.

Cut4 | Adrian Garro: As we all know, J.A. Happ is sidelined with hand, foot, and mouth disease. Yes, the very same disease that Mets’ starter Noah Syndergaard contracted during the All-Star Break. Thor, being a noted fan of fun tweets, sent this out yesterday.

Curse you, Odinson.