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Didi Gregorius leaves Yankees game with bruised heel

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The Yankees have to hope their shortstop is okay.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The first inning of today’s Yankees-Blue Jays game sure was an eventful one. In addition to scoring six runs off of Ryan Borucki, Didi Gregorius got into a collision at first base. He stayed in the game at the time, but Ronald Torreyes did replace him in the lineup in third inning. Hopefully this is just precautionary given the team’s current 6-1 lead.

Here’s what happened: With runners on the corners and no outs, Gregorius hit a grounder through the gap. Devon Travis fielded the ball in shallow right and made an awkward throw to Kendrys Morales. The first baseman was forced to come off the bag to make the catch. Gregorius happened to arrive just as Morales was moving to the other side of the first base line, and there was nowhere for the shortstop to go but right through him.

Gregrious, 28, is in the midst of another good season. The Yankees shortstop is hitting .270/.333/.482 with 22 home runs. He got off to a red hot start, but then had a terrible May. He has since rebounded nicely and been a staple in the lineup.

Again, here’s hoping this is just a precautionary move. The Yankees are stretched thin as it is. Another injury to a key player would be tough to overcome. We’ll update this post as more information becomes available.